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We lived in Cyprus, fell in love with this cheese, studied every detail from the first mouth of Cypriot masters and embodied it in Suzdal, in the most environmentally friendly areas.
Suzdal cheese for frying or halloumi is Levantine cheese, known in Europe for Cypriot cuisine. It is made from cow's milk with the addition of goat's milk. It has a high melting point, and therefore it can be fried and cooked on the grill.
Unique Mediterranean cheese Hallumi "Gupcha" is made by specialists of the company "Lebedia" according to the old recipe of Cypriot cheese makers "Kkantis Canti & Co" Farmers. Cheese 100% is made from cow's milk with the addition of goat's milk. Fresh semi-solid rennet pickled pressed cheese with a high level of melting. It is consumed both fresh and fried, due to the fact that the cheese has the feature of not melting on a fire or in a frying pan and at the same time allows a change in taste. Our cheese has undergone a pasteurization procedure, which avoids infection such as listeriosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis and tuberculosis.
The cheese is made from the morning whole milk! Cheese has its own character! Live cheese! Worthy of attention of the most demanding gourmets. Freshness can be checked by smell. It should smell like milk, butter and cream. Cheese is stored together with vegetables and fruits in the fridge. Practically keep in a glass container or wrap it in a food film. Our relatives have 1000 Dutch cows and lop-eared goats, every day they take milk to the shop, where it is cooked, pressed, cooked and the cheese we have under our control, we are happy to deliver to you.
Cheese can help you lose weight, improve metabolism. The content of calcium in the cheese, so that its regular consumption helps in strengthening bones and teeth. The syrup is useful for adults and children! The high content of proteins and fats in the cheese helps to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. You will be satisfied even with a small portion that will give strength during the day and improve your mood, especially since the cheese is also delicious! Dietary natural product, although its nutritional value allows you not to remain hungry. It is enough to eat just 100 g of this natural product to get so many vitamins, proteins, protein and fats, which is contained in 1.5 liters of milk.
Today difficult to find a natural product in our diet that is both useful, tasty and nutritious for the whole body
Tasty Italian
In 2008, at the 27th International Championship of cheese held in the USA, cheese made in Australia, and not at home, Italy, he has been awarded a gold medal and is recognized by a majority vote of the Italian tastes better.
Does not melt
It is fried and does not melt! Cheese is perfectly combined with Chianti and Mododes, however, under what you will enjoy cheese, it's up to you! Cheese, of course, has its own, unique manufacturing technology. To date, there are more than 500 kinds of the world and more than 2000 kinds of cheese
Rich in nutrients
There are not many natural products that are as useful to the human body as cheese. "Gupkovoy" cheese contains many nutrients. One serving contains 30% of the norm. The intake of vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus contains immunoglobulins with this number of calories is 15% of the daily norm of an adult. Cheese helps your digestion. Pribiotics, contained in cheese, saturate the intestinal microflora with beneficial bacteria that contribute to its health and strengthen the overall immunity of the body.
Cheese can be frozen, increasing shelf life up to 11 months.
Greek brine cheese from a mixture of cow and goat's milk, in contrast to European mozzarella has a pronounced taste and enough salt.
It will not be difficult to prepare Halloumi. You just have to cut it with slices and lay it out for frying on a preheated and greased melted butter. Fry on each side for 1 minute. Also it can be done on the grill
Ready-made grilled cheese is used as a separate dish or served with croutons, fresh vegetables and added to vegetable salads.
4 servings
Rye buns 4 pcs
Cheese Halloumi 300 grams
1 large tomato
2 pickled cucumbers
1 head of red Crimean onion
1 small lettuce lettuce Iceberg
For sauce:
200 grams of mayonnaise
40 grams of ketchup
12 g of dark rum
3 drops of Worcester sauce
35 g sour cream
Mix all the ingredients for the sauce with a whisk. Cucumbers, tomatoes and onions cut into thin slices, lettuce leaves pick. Cut the buns along and dry them in a dry hot frying pan on the side of the pulp. Cheese cut into equal parts with a thickness of about 1 cm and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Pick up the burger in this order: the bottom of the bun is greased with sauce, then lettuce leaves, cheese, tomato and cucumber, finish with the onion some more sauce and cover with the top of the bun.
Refractory cheese of our Russian production has adopted all the traditions of Cypriot cheese making. It tolerates heat treatment well without additional crumbling in breading.
4 servings: - 1.5 liters of fish broth
300 g of salmon fillets
4 potatoes
1 onion
250 ml. Cream 30% fat content
100 g of butter
3 tablespoons melted butter
30 g of flour
300 g of cheese
Juice and 1/4 lemon peel
Leaves with 3 dill sprigs
3 bay leaves.
Onion and dill finely chopped. Potatoes cut into a large cube 2x2 cm. Salmon cut into medium cubes 1x1 cm. On melted butter fry onion for 5 minutes. Add 10 g of butter and flour, cook for another 2 minutes. Add potatoes, bay leaves and 1 liter of broth. He must completely cover the vegetables. We cook for 10 minutes. Add the salmon. Pour the remaining broth and cream, mix. Cook for 10 minutes stirring. 5 minutes before the end, add cheese 3/4, diced 2/2 cm, lemon zest and dill. Close the lid and simmer for 7 minutes, at this time, fry the remaining cheese in vegetable oil to a crispy crust and use it when serving. Bon Appetit!
There are dishes with grilled cheese "Halloumi" and strawberries with chili sauce and basil, with cranberry, honey-mustard sauces.
300 g of cheese
300 g of dried tomatoes
50 grams of kidney capers
Red onions 1 pc
Lime 1 pc
Cherry tomatoes on a branch 1 pc
A small pod of chili peppers
Chest cream cheese and pour into the oven for 180 grams 12 minutes
Cheese cut into pieces 1 cm thick sprinkle with olive oil, o pepper a little
Fry the grill in a frying pan.
While the cheese is grilling, make tapenade, for this, dried tomatoes chop with a knife along with capers and add finely chopped onions and finely chopped chili to taste. Sprinkle with lime juice and olive oil, salt and pepper.
Put tapenade on the bottom of the plate, fried cheese on top, baked tomatoes, and a couple of pieces of white toast. Decorate with capers and chili peppers
Often used as a snack for beer in beer restaurants.
300 g of cheese
150 g mascarpone cheese
50 grams of creamy cream
1 steak (striplane, ribai, picca)
2 spoonfuls of ready-made demiglas sauce
200 ml of chicken broth
200 ml of red wine
1 teaspoon honey
1 pack of crackers
100 g butter butter
Sprig of rosemary and thyme
Small inflorescences of rosemary 3 pcs
5 pcs onion sowing
150 ml of vegetable oil
Onion immerse in vegetable oil, bring to a boil and remove from heat, a couple of hours when the oil will cool the onions will be ready.
Crackers grind the butter in a blender and mash it into butter, mix everything into a short dough, take a small form with butter and spread the dough on the bottom and walls, grate Halloumi cheese on a fine grater and mix with the mascarpone cheese, lay it on the dough, and bake In the oven at 180 g. 30 minutes
Prepare the sauce, dilute the dry demiglas in the broth, add the wine and honey, evaporate until thick, the volume is reduced by about half.
Lubricate the steak with butter and pepper salt and fry together with thyme and rosemary for 3 minutes on each side, you will achieve medium rare, set aside the meat, allow it to rest, then slice thin slices.
Cheesecake cut into square pieces spread out chaotically on a plate, between them lay slices of meat, surround with the resulting wine sauce, place the peeled onion of the nets, and decorate with small inflorescences of basil
I'm buying only this cheese
Few togas that he looks cool, so still and very tasty
I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Vacuum packaging ~ 250g (280 rubles, the price for 1 kg is 1122 rubles). Prices are quoted from the manufacturer. Shelf life 4 months. Wholesale from 10 kg. The price for wholesale depends on the quantity of delivery.
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